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Fitness Instuctors (ladies only)

Dance Instructor/ Assistant Dance instructor (ladies only)


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Kudos to Team Nupur of Nachbaliye Dance group (USA) for their wonderful and breathtaking performances in the 2013 Spring dance funk! Way to go girls!!!!

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Naach2fit in Bangalore

Team Apsara dance recital coming up in June

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"A Unique Fitness Class That Provides Fusion of Dance and Music"

No previous dance experience required

Naach2fit as the name suggests is an interesting combination of Bollywood dance and exercise routines choreographed to a mix of Bollywood songs. Every class is broken down into sections that help participants to get a complete body workout.This workout session helps to tone your body while dancing and having fun to popular Bollywood music and stepzzzzz. It is a perfect combination of fun and fitness.

Dancing is a great way to lose weight. Besides it's not so painfully boring and monotonous as walking on a treadmill.

Work out more, work out easy. Naach2fit makes work out & fitness  fun & convenient

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Check out what people are saying about us

"Naach2Fit..Just like it sounds, is such a vibrant & energetic fitness program which keeps you moving forward with your body fitness without having to go through the tedious way of work out but the fun way of dancing..Payal is just great..She always tries to make the class interesting and fun by changing the moves every now and then..She concentrates on every part of the body from head to toe...I'm amazed at how my body got flexible after starting this awesome fitness program..Not only does she makes this class fun but also sends monthly newsletters to keep you motivated with great tips which you can follow while doing your daily chores..It's worth every penny...Great job Payal.."  - Deepika

"Naach2fit has made me realize how much I love dancing. I get a good workout with all my favorite songs and when there is a party with bollywood dancing I enjoy dancing even more.When the dandiyas were introduced, my arms got the exercise which I never got in a treadmill or elliptical.I love naach2fit and so will you.".... Pooja

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In our 60 minute fitness class you will --

* Work on lower, middle and upper body

* Have special moves for reducing fat

* Stay Fit

* Reduce stress

* Improve cardiovascular muscles

* Burn Calories

* Enhance memory

* Increase strength & flexibility

* Tone your body

* Feel good about yourself

* Make friends

* Have fun

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